June 5th - 7th, 2020 at the valor center!

Did you know that tickets purchased support 10 camps across Africa and the Middle East? Simply by purchasing a ticket to a performance you help send thousands of teenagers to camp in their home country of Africa or the Middle East!!
How Broadway to Africa began (in Shelley's words)...
In 2008, I took my first trip to Africa, and I’ve never been the same! While in Africa, I experienced the privilege of working alongside hundreds of African Young Life leaders, who, like Young Life leaders here in the U.S., are all devoted to introducing adolescents to a deeply loving and personal God. Something that was also notable during my stay was how “joy and hope” are typically expressed in Africa: through singing and dancing! Indeed, regardless of the circumstances around them (e.g., war, Ebola crisis, poverty), the people of Africa regularly find encouragement and comfort in song. Upon returning, I began to dream and pray about unique ways to stay “connected” with our friends in Africa, and naturally, music came to mind!

My hope is that, through music and Broadway to Africa, we can all be strangely drawn into the amazing truth of God’s love, peace, and hope being poured out all over Africa. One place that truth is beautifully “presented” is at Young Life camp, where kids hear about God’s matchless love for them (many for the first time), and Broadway to Africa is committed to helping kids in Africa enjoy that same opportunity. All proceeds from ticket sales go to scholarships for kids in Africa to go to camp.

Broadway To Africa

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"Shelley's heart for the people of Africa was the backbone of the entire Broadway to Africa experience. The entire creative process was not only nurtured by Shelley but a continuous reminder of our faith connection with the African team. We felt abundantly blessed to be a part of this community as well as humbled that God would use this motley crew to bring Jesus to Africa. "
"Shelley Q Sadler is one of the most genuine and powerful leaders I know. I personally have been encouraged and impacted by Shelley through my involvement with 'Broadway to Africa'.  My first year I jumped in not knowing anyone, and yet she makes every person with whom she interacts feel valued and important. Throughout the whole process, she inspired us week after week with why and for whom we were doing the show!  I have been so blessed by Shelley and my involvement with Broadway to Africa!"   ​

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