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​Whether through leading worship, humor, speaking, or even Broadway music, it is truly an honor to “proclaim” the Gospel—to announce, declare, and “make famous” the good news of God’s love and truth for us all! Many times throughout the year, I have the opportunity to serve as the “speaker” for various events and/or occasions (e.g., Young Life fundraising banquets, leadership retreats, women’s retreats, trainings, etc.).  To be God’s “mouthpiece” is an extraordinary and humbling experience—a chance to actually give away the beauty of His truth...unbelievable.  
Another interesting way to “proclaim” the Gospel is via the gift of laughter and music.  I sure agree with author Anne Lamott who sees laughter as “carbonated holiness”!  When people laugh—kids and adults alike—walls come down…walls that have often been standing as a “fortress” around their hearts for years.  I find it difficult to express what a treat it is to have a “front row seat” when those walls come down, baby!  
Similarly, from Broadway tunes to worship music, leading and/or joining others in song—all for the sole purpose of lifting high God’s matchless name…boy, oh boy—nothin’ like it! ​
"Shelly is a treasure to the Young Life mission. She is not only a gifted communicator when it comes to adolescents, but she is also talented when speaking to adults. Her compassionate and humorous personality sets the table for truth to enter the heart. I recently had Shelly speak at our fall staff conference in Houston, TX. Our staff connected quickly with her as she encouraged us all to draw close to Jesus. The aroma of Christ was in every word as she prepared folks for another season of loving teenagers. "

"Shelley is masterful in telling the Gospel story. She takes you step by step and then at the end tells a story that wraps a beautiful bow around the message and Scripture comes alive "

"Shelley has a gift of presence that connects deeply with people in laughter, speaking, training and encouragement​


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