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As many of you know, I’m a bit of a “word nerd”… I love words! Years ago I did a little research on the word “thankful”, and, as it turns out, to be truly thankful, two other words are almost always involved…gratitude and relief.  I reckon it’s no big surprise a spirit of gratitude would indwell the truly thankful person, eh? Indeed, there are few words out there capable of communicating how grateful I am to not only be alive, but to know the richness of life because of our Lord!  As grateful as I feel, I sure love the word “relief”, as well.  I am relieved to know the God of Creation chose to enter my world in a way I would best understand…I am relieved to know He didn’t wait for me to straighten up before saving me from myself…I am relieved to know I don’t get what I deserve…I am relieved to know there are people in my life who are “in my corner”, and who send me out to share with others His very, very good news!  Ahhhhh, yes… you bet I’m “thankful”—gratitude and relief abound!
To whom, exactly, am I thankful?  Easy: my answer comes in the person of Jesus Christ. Is there anything more extraordinary than our very Creator choosing to come to us, walk with us, die for us, and, then, live in us—come on!!  Indeed, my thankfulness falls squarely on His shoulders, and getting to share the goodness of His Grace and Love is my greatest privilege—what a gift! ​ 
Sooooooo, an entire career (over 25 years now—zoinks!), filled with opportunities to not only move into deeper trust in Christ myself, but also point others in the same direction?  Please…somebody pinch me.​​ ​
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 ​​Holy God, plant in me a bold faith that dares to see new possibilities, a sure knowledge of your promises that is not bullied by fear, a strong conviction that there is far more of you than what my eyes can see, and a deeply rooted trust that Christ my champion has won the day. Amen. (HC 21)​
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